Easy Dinner with Chicken Enchiladas the Family will Love

making chicken enchiladas

I visited WNYT News Channel 13 this past Sunday to share my Chicken Enchiladas.  I love this recipe because you can make it ahead, freeze it & pull it out for a quick last minute dinner on a busy night.  I love when my freezer is filled with delicious meals & this September I have been getting back into the … Read More

Black Bean Turkey Chili Recipe a Quick and Easy Dinner

Black Bean Turkey Chili Recipe

This Black Bean Turkey Chili Recipe is a quick and easy, one pot meal.  It’s the perfect comfort food filled with all kinds of healthy goodness.  This Black Bean Turkey Chili Recipe is a great make ahead meal or freezer meal. Black Bean Turkey Chili Recipe a Quick and Easy Dinner Looking for a quick and easy dinner idea?  Check … Read More

Picnic Menu made Easy with Grilled Tomato Caprese Sandwich on FlatOut

caprese sandwich

Summer food is meant to be easy!  And, there’s nothing better than a simple combination for a picnic outing.  We have enjoyed  experimenting with the many Foldit Flavors & this time we found the perfect combination by creating a Caprese sandwich with the Rosemary & Olive oil flavored Foldit by FlatOut Breads. Our combo was simple; 1. Cut a large yellow tomato.  Baste … Read More

Blueberry Peach Crisp for an Easy Dessert

Blueberry Peach Crisp

Last week we went over to my Aunt’s for dinner & I was in charge of dessert.  My cousin was visiting from out-of-state with her new husband, her maid of honor was also in from out-of-town with her mom & so there were 10 of us.  Every invite to bring a dish is like a chance to experiment and get feedback … Read More

Zucchini stuffed with Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetables for a Family Dinner

stuffed zucchini baked

This summer, with our son graduating, there was no room in the schedule for a garden; boo.  I protested!  And, my husband said (very nicely)….’you have no time to plant & maintain a garden…’  At the end of the day, although I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right.  Prepping the yard after the hard winter for our guests took … Read More

No-bake Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries for Dessert

These no-bake Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries are an easy & delicious serve that’s festive for the 4th of July or good to share any time!  They’re a real winner that combines great taste, small bites & no hot kitchen during the summer to create a dessert serve that’s good for planning ahead or for a last minute grab to make.  No-bake Cheesecake … Read More

Guacamole Recipe with Homemade Dipping Chips

guacamole with homemade chips

  Emma joined me to learn how to make (and taste) her first guacamole EVER! It turns out that she likes guacamole = total score! Not only is she helping us make this recipe for a fun Father’s Day afternoon snack, she has discovered a new after school snack that she can make all on her own. Although you can … Read More

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Burgers on the Menu

chicken parmesan burgers

Looking for some new flavors to grill this summer?  Chicken Parmesan Burgers are on our menu!  These are simple & delicious.  These burgers are great served the size of a typical burger or made into sliders for entertaining.  As always, I’m looking at ways to save time & you can make these patties ahead of time, freeze them & pull … Read More

Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipe with the Choco Monkey Smoothie

Choco Monkey Smoothie

We have been H-U-G-E smoothie drinkers over the years; they’re great for busy breakfast mornings or after school snacks!  In fact, my youngest would drink the Choco Monkey Smoothie three times a day, seven days a week if I’d let her; it is without doubt one of her personal favorites.   Check out the recipe in the video below;  NOTE:  … Read More

Blend a Little Halloween Fun and Serve Witches Brew

witches brew

Is your crew thirsty for Halloween fun?  If the answer is yes, then serve them a little Witches Brew.  Mwah ha ha ha! They will never guess what the bewitched ingredient is in witches brew.  So I say, blend it up, let them guess and surprise away… What is the bewitched ingredient you ask? Why darling, it’s Spinach!   Spinach is … Read More