My Travel to The Color Factory in NYC

The Color Factory

Welcome to the Color Factory in Manhattan.  It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! When I was recently down in Brooklyn for a conference, I got to visit the Color Factory before heading home.  (pssst – if you haven’t read my Brooklyn Discoveries you can click here to read all about them). I didn’t even know this existed.  Actually, how I found out about The … Read More

Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden

Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden

Read Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden with your children and then have fun growing your own pizza garden together.  It’s a fun book that provides the opportunity for a hands on, interactive activity for your family.  It’s a great opportunity to make memories together! Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden I am so excited about my children’s book Fidget Grows a … Read More

My Visit to Holden, MA

Monday I traveled to Holden, Massachusetts (in the Worcester area) to make snacks, chat about cooking/recipes and have a little taste testing fun with the students at Holden Christian Academy.  I had a GREAT time visiting with the students, although I do have to admit I suffered blender ENVY!  One of the student’s mom, who was also a teacher at … Read More