Family, Kids & Las Vegas

The Cake Boss

I used to have to travel to Vegas for work many moons ago, we won’t say how many, and I always SWORE that I WOULD NEVER take my kids to Las Vegas.  And, then last week, when my husband had a conference to attend…there I was with my kids in Las Vegas having the time of our lives.  I have to admit, it … Read More

Wrapping Up Summer 2013 with a few Snapshots

It’s time to wrap up summer 2013 and get ready for all that the fall has to offer.  It’s been a VERY busy summer and I’ve discovered that I have fallen in love with my camera whether it’s my stand alone or the camera on my phone.  I find that it allows me to slow down for just a few … Read More

Chicken Salad Sandwiches & Boating Adventures

Raisin Poppy Chicken Salad

Last weekend friends invited us out on their boat.  There were 4 adults and 5 kids on one boat, which certainly could fit us all, but this is what I found amazing…..put my kids in our house, with their own rooms and own spaces and they will find a way to drive each other crazy.  Put us all on a … Read More

My Cousin’s Wedding


This weekend we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my cousin Erin’s wedding. Have I ever mentioned that my mom is one of seven sisters?  Here is a photo of her six sisters.  Unfortunately my mom couldn’t join us for this festivity, but here is the rest of the clan. This is my Aunt Lori, the mother of the bride. … Read More

A Little Mother-Daughter Time!

American Girl Store Mother Daughter

Every year I make a list of things I ‘hope’ we will do throughout the year.  On my list for 2012? Visit an American Girl Doll store with my daughter.  This week my husband had to go to Boston for work so we jumped at the chance to ride along, enjoy the hotel and then go play at the American … Read More

Meet Mr. Wiggles

Saturday I relished in one of those fleeting euphoric mommy moments. It came after days of dealing with squabbling siblings and serving as master mediator, disciplinarian, taxi cab driver, chief chef, head maid….all while working & no hubby (still married, just crazy work schedule for him right now and I’m currently the wing man)!  And then, just like I felt … Read More