Brooklyn is a Trip in the Books and Here are My Discoveries

Brooklyn Park

I can finally say I’ve added Brooklyn to the list of places that I have visited. When BlogHer Food 2019 announced that it would be held in Brooklyn, I jumped at the chance to go.  And, as you know, there are always discoveries with any form of travel.  Here are a few of mine; Discovery #1:  I traveled via Amtrak.  … Read More

Travel to San Francisco and Back…

Golden Gate Bridge

My husband had to go to San Francisco and I was able to join him and I’m still putting my feet back on the ground from this whirlwind trip.  If you ever travel with us to a new area, it’s not always relaxing – lol!  Our perspective?  We’re here & we don’t know when or if we’ll get back, so … Read More

Pizza Making Events Launched With Fidget Grows A Tasty Pizza Garden

Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden Author Visit

Wow!  Where does the time go?  I can’t believe I’m already half way through my 2019 book tour with my children’s book, Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden.  It has been a blast! We did a tour in 2018 with all pizza garden growing activities and this year we have continued to plant pizza gardens, but have also added pizza making … Read More

My Travel to The Color Factory in NYC

The Color Factory

Welcome to the Color Factory in Manhattan.  It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! When I was recently down in Brooklyn for a conference, I got to visit the Color Factory before heading home.  (pssst – if you haven’t read my Brooklyn Discoveries you can click here to read all about them). I didn’t even know this existed.  Actually, how I found out about The … Read More

The Weekly Wrap is Complete with Chaos to Chicago

chicago lake view

This past week was C-R-A-Z-Y!  My blog is titled ‘juggling food, family & chaos’ which truly is the reality of my life.  However, I often don’t chat about the chaos on a regular basis & yet I should.  You truly can’t make up the stuff that sometimes happens over here and let me promise you (my close friends will vouch … Read More

My Cousin’s Wedding


This weekend we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my cousin Erin’s wedding. Have I ever mentioned that my mom is one of seven sisters?  Here is a photo of her six sisters.  Unfortunately my mom couldn’t join us for this festivity, but here is the rest of the clan. This is my Aunt Lori, the mother of the bride. … Read More

Family Vacation = precious memories!

I love our ocean side memories.  As a child I never visited the ocean, but our family did spend many summers in the Adirondack area at fresh water lakes, campsites and other various attractions.  It was my husband who introduced me to the ocean when we dated and we’ve visited the shore at least once a year for many, many, … Read More

Family, Kids & Las Vegas

The Cake Boss

I used to have to travel to Vegas for work many moons ago, we won’t say how many, and I always SWORE that I WOULD NEVER take my kids to Las Vegas.  And, then last week, when my husband had a conference to attend…there I was with my kids in Las Vegas having the time of our lives.  I have to admit, it … Read More

Travel to the Carolinas and Back…

Sunset Beach North Carolina

We just returned from our travel time to the Carolinas which were not only amazingly fun, but filled with some very much needed family time.  We started off with a very early morning flight that delivered us into Charleston, South Carolina for a few city views.  They were great, but it was HOT!  We then traveled up the Eastern shore … Read More