Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

This recipe does not fit in with my typical favorite equation of quick, easy & repeatable.  However, it is tasty and repeatable and a deliciously warm, colorful fall serve!Quinoa Stuffed Peppers by Jodie Fitz 1 cup quinoa, uncooked 4 bell peppers, whole 1 cup diced bell peppers 1/2 cup onion, finely chopped 14.5 oz. diced tomatoes 2 tablespoons light olive … Read More

Cinnamon Pancakes

Pancakes are without doubt a fun breakfast creation.  I think part of loving them so much is that they are always served as a special treat; sleep-overs, weekend fun and holidays or maybe even part of brinner.  Once in a while, I love taking just a little bit of batter, changing the color and creating designs in the pancakes; below … Read More

Summer Views

handstand competition

This was a different kind of week for me;  I spent most of it in meetings and at times I felt like my head was spinning over social media and upcoming site changes.  Honestly I wish that part was soooo much easier, I prefer to be figuring out how to play with my food and make salad stuffed cyclops (he-he)! … Read More

You Know You’re a Mom When…

You Know You’re a Mom When…is a new share on the site. Parenthood is full of moments, some quite hilarious & some….not so much!  As Mother’s Day approaches I’ve partnered with my friend who is an artist to share a few of those ‘life moments’ and bring some of those crazy thoughts I’ve often had as a mom into view … Read More

The GRAND TOTAL = almost 400 bags of food donations!

Jodie and Food Donation Truck

THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!  A short while ago I learned about the Regional Food Bank’s Backpack Program that helps to feed children in and around the capital region.  It’s actually quite extensive & very impressive.  The Regional Food Bank actually feeds approximately 1100 children each week throughout the school year.  Every friday, children who have been … Read More

Just a Few Bees

Mondays are just one of those days…You never really know how your week is going to start out & mine is launching with a swarm of activity right in my own backyard.  Yesterday my youngest discovered a bees nest in one of the trees.  Not just a little bees nest, but a HUGE and rapidly growing bees nest.  We didn’t … Read More

Regional Food Bank and the 2013 Back Pack Campaign

Food Donation Bags

Last year I learned about this AWESOME program that the Regional Food Bank conducts and it’s all about  feeding children; what’s not to love!? The Regional Food Bank works diligently September through June organizing and filling over 775 backpacks EVERY week. The bags of food that get organized are then placed into a deserving child’s backpack every single Friday throughout the school … Read More

My Friend Gen’s Wedding

Polk-a-dot Wedding Cake

This weekend we had a very special wedding to attend.  It was so much fun catching up with a few friends we haven’t seen in years as we celebrated my friend Gen and her new husband Charles. Meet my friends Maryann & the bride Gen! Gen took us on a wonderful fall wedding excursion as we all traveled to New … Read More

My Smoothie Travels…

I’m so excited to share the beginning of my smoothie travels that I launched this summer for a little taste testing fun! I have sent my Cartoon Character & my buddy ‘Mix’ the blender on the road to travel around visiting kids this summer to encourage them to cook at home, try new recipes and hopefully help find a little … Read More