So Much for Organized!

   Last year, after 14 years of having a child in school I grew tired of the continuous pile of papers that apparently breed overnight when I am sleeping and quadruple in size on what feels like a weekly, sometimes daily basis.   So, I decided to take charge and gain control over the out of control pile of papers.  I … Read More

Stomp Out Bullying!

 I’m not posting a recipe today.  Instead I have decided to help bring awareness to one cause that is near and dear to my heart; bullying.  Today is National Blue Shirt Day.  National Blue Shirt Day was designed and organized by Stomp Out Bullying and you can click through to to learn more about the organization and their efforts.  I was thrilled to learn … Read More

Filming for November’s Release

I’m looking forward to sharing November’s Thanksgiving Table that we created at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club.  As always, so much fun cooking with three kids who have signed up for the club 🙂

Turkey Enchiladas

  It’s Dinner time!  And, I’m posting this recipe during a week that ground turkey is on sale (wahoo to a little savings).  I love this recipe for many reasons; 1.  You can make the meat ahead of time so that cooking a hot meal is a little quicker on a busy night. 2.  My kids don’t like tomatoes and spinach alone, but … Read More

The Choco-Monkey Smoothie Recipe (yum, yum, yum….)

  I can’t help myself!  I, with right hand raised, do admit that I am a smoothie-holic!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE smoothies…I love them for breakfast, lunch & after school snacks and if I weren’t a mother of three trying to teach my children the importance of balanced nutrition, I would drink them for dinner too!  Yes, we serve up … Read More

Peanutty Apple Dip

    Sometimes the plain old apple gets just a little boring and so, to keep my kids eating fruit, I experiment with dips and ways to keep their fruit count on the higher end.  I often use fruit with dip as a replacement to sending cookies and brownies.  Although we do that every now and again.  I like to … Read More

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

  I love creating recipes that let me serve up breakfast, but be ahead of the game.  Let’s be honest…I AM NOT BAKING BREAKFAST COOKIES during the busy chaos of school/work mornings, but I will make them on a Sunday & serve them up throughout the week…My guys are picky, but these were a hit so I wanted to share. … Read More

Join me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club!

The Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club is a fun, free resource for families!  You can join me, Jodie Fitz, to cook at the Price Chopper kids Cooking Club every month.  I LOVE experimenting, sharing & having fun teaching kids how to cook, getting them excited about taste testing & surprising them with new concoctions & recipes that they can make at … Read More

Balloon Fest 2011

We have always wanted to go to the Adirondack Balloon Festival.  What’s been holding us back?  Quite frankly the early morning time of this event, because for us to make it there we have to rise at 4:30 AM at the latest.  Not only do I like to sleep in whenever possible (although our sleep in time is 8 am), … Read More

Getting Ready to Celebrate Fall

  I am a stickler on a few issues; although those who know me and love me might say it’s more than a few 🙂  One of my sticking points is the holidays!  I feel like I can officially say goodbye to summer and hell-o to fall, because it has officially arrived.  I just hate how the holidays are ushered in way to soon … Read More