Stretches for Kids that are Fun and Simple

Children in an exercise class on multi colored matts wearing bright colored clothing following a class instructors directions as they reach to touch their toes.

Here are some fun and simple stretches for kids.  These stretches can be played as a game to help keep kids busy and active.  You can have fun, make memories and move together. Fun and Simple Stretches for Kids Here is a great game to get kids stretching, keep them moving and help with flexibility. Print the S-T-R-E-T-C-H with CLICK … Read More

Hot Potato Game Creates Active Kids that Move

Kids outside on the grass playing hot potato

The Hot Potato Game is fun.  It’s a memorable way to keep kids active and moving.  It’s a fun way to play! Hot Potato Game Creates Active Kids that Move The Original Hot Potato Game: Supplies needed: Friends/Family A ball Music Sit or stand in a circle with three or more people.  Have another person be in charge of music.  … Read More

Kids Fun 101: Homemade Hula Hoops turns into Olympic Fun!

Homemade hula hoops are great to make. In fact, they can easily be turned into backyard olympic fun; I can’t believe the Olympics have already been going in full force for almost one week.  I always consider the two week period of the Olympics a great time to promote being ACTIVE!  It’s funny, as much as we are sitting and … Read More