Pita Bites: Quick & Easy Breakfast, Lunch & After School Snack Ideas

Baking Pitas

Meet Little Miss Ellie, who joined me this month before she went off to first grade and helped me make three different kinds of Pita Bites.  We cooked up these three different flavors at the beginning of the week so that you can have them ready for a quick grab and serve for breakfast, lunchbox packing and after school snacks.  This … Read More

Breakfast on the Run

Egg Sandwich to go

We are always striving to make the morning rush hour just a little bit smoother at our house.  And, I have a few recipes, tips and tricks that we’ve experimented with over the years and one recipe that I pulled out of our archives is our Turkey Bacon Egg Bake for breakfast.  I love this recipe because I can easily make it … Read More


Waffles are always a hit when they are served at the kitchen counters and feel like such a BIG treat.  And over the years they’ve made school breaks, weekends and sleep-over AM power food deliciously yummy.  But, whenever I make them on days when I have the time, I try to double the batch for days when I don’t have … Read More

Easter Breakfast with Fruit & Carrot-Applesauce Pancakes

I love the holidays & Easter Breakfast can be fun, but you can still squeeze in a good few bites along the way.  If you have a picky eater, holidays provide the perfect time to play with your food!  What are we serving this year? We are starting with a fresh spring bouquet of fruit that can easily be made … Read More

Shamrocks for Breakfast

shamrocks for breakfast

St. Patrick’s Day is one more day to provide an experience to play with your food and have a little taste testing fun.  So, how about Shamrocks for Breakfast?  They’re easy and they’re delicious & here’s how I serve them up!        Shamrocks for Breakfast by Jodie Fitz ( NOTE: recipe below is for 1 shamrock, you can … Read More

Berry-licious Breakfast Taco’s

Berry-licious Breakfast Taco

Are you looking to mix things up a little at the breakfast table?  Check out this Berry-licious Breakfast Taco.  It’s a deliciously fun serve and great to try over school breaks or on weekends. Berry-licious Breakfast Taco by Jodie Fitz  1 tablespoon tapioca 2 cups mixed berries, frozen 1 teaspoon cinnamon 2 whole grain tortilla wraps 2 tablespoons fat free cream … Read More

Honey Oat Pancakes

Honey Oat Pancakes for Breakfast

We are back to the ‘rush hour’ mornings and I’m back to meal planning!  One of the ways we survive is by using the weekend’s to make recipes that can be frozen for grab & go moments.  One of the recipes we make occasionally throughout the year are various pancake recipes.  This weekend we made Honey Oat Pancakes. In fact, … Read More

Tropical Smoothie

When we turn the calendar to August I find myself wanting time to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.  As much as I love our northeastern seasonal changes I can’t help thoroughly enjoying the tropical feel of the summer days.  One of our favorite seasonal blends is the Tropical Smoothie.  It’s a sweet, savory blend of flavors mixed with a few cooking lessons for … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen – Film Day Fun!

Kids in the kitchen always = film day fun! Friday was one of my favorite days, when I was joined by kids in the kitchen at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club studio. Anika started off our fun on friday by helping me to get things rolling for back to school ideas at the counter. Together we made breakfast taco’s that … Read More

Fabulous Fun in Glens Falls…

Frozen Choco Monkey in Glens Falls

I had so much fun at yesterday’s visit at the Glens Falls Library!  It was a great time meeting up with children and their parents and I enjoyed sharing my summer freeze recipe that I have been shaking and making with kids in my travels.  You can grab the recipe at home by clicking here and shake along! I’ve really enjoyed … Read More