Awesome trip to Saddlewood Elementary

  Friday I had an awesome visit with Saddlewood Elementary students.  The kids (as always) had a lot of fun making snacks and talking healthy.   I always love learning what each school encourages to their students.  One teacher told me she has Fruit Friday & all of the kids bring in a fruit snack (sometimes veggies) and share what … Read More

Thank You Arbor Hill Elementary

Special thanks to the Arbor Hill Elementary after school programs with the YMCA & Berkshire kids.  I had a great time visiting yesterday, making an after school snack with all of the kids and getting a chance to visit the school.  As always, I enjoy chatting the time away as we all worked together … I hope all of the … Read More

Five Turkeys at my Counter

turkey handprints

There are five turkeys that reside at my counter.  Actually the five turkeys I’m referring to reside at the coutner in more ways than one & that includes moi! I love these photo’s…my flawlessly clean countertops looking so festive.  The truth?!?!?!  You remember (if you read one of my previous posts), they are actually in continuous flux…breakfast, snacks, homework, dinner … Read More

Grab a Little Sunshine with the Sun’s Up Smoothie

We are re-focusing on the quick, easy & healthy at my counters this week!  And, I love the Sun’s Up Smoothie.  When we make the Sun’s Up Smoothie, I tell kids that we are grabbing all of the colors of the rays of sunshine and putting them into the blender for a healthy start to our day.  It’s one of … Read More

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

  I love creating recipes that let me serve up breakfast, but be ahead of the game.  Let’s be honest…I AM NOT BAKING BREAKFAST COOKIES during the busy chaos of school/work mornings, but I will make them on a Sunday & serve them up throughout the week…My guys are picky, but these were a hit so I wanted to share. … Read More