Grab a Little Sunshine with the Sun’s Up Smoothie

We are re-focusing on the quick, easy & healthy at my counters this week!  And, I love the Sun’s Up Smoothie.  When we make the Sun’s Up Smoothie, I tell kids that we are grabbing all of the colors of the rays of sunshine and putting them into the blender for a healthy start to our day.  It’s one of … Read More

Apple-Banana Smoothie

  When I was little we used to sing this song at summer camp that made absolutely no sense in regards to camping activities; I like to eat, I like to eat, I like to eat eight apples and bananas. Our counselors would then change all of the vowels and we would sing the song five more repetitive times with … Read More

The Choco-Monkey Smoothie Recipe (yum, yum, yum….)

  I can’t help myself!  I, with right hand raised, do admit that I am a smoothie-holic!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE smoothies…I love them for breakfast, lunch & after school snacks and if I weren’t a mother of three trying to teach my children the importance of balanced nutrition, I would drink them for dinner too!  Yes, we serve up … Read More

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

  I love creating recipes that let me serve up breakfast, but be ahead of the game.  Let’s be honest…I AM NOT BAKING BREAKFAST COOKIES during the busy chaos of school/work mornings, but I will make them on a Sunday & serve them up throughout the week…My guys are picky, but these were a hit so I wanted to share. … Read More