Create Striped Easter Eggs with Rubberbands and Twine

Rubber band Striped Easter Eggs

Striped Easter Eggs is a fun experimental egg decorating activity.  These finished Easter eggs are colorful.  Making striped Easter eggs is a great way to make family memories. Create Striped Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands and Twine Striped Easter Eggs are one colorful way to decorate eggs at Easter and at the same time have experimental fun. What will you need … Read More

Five Turkeys at my Counter

turkey handprints

There are five turkeys that reside at my counter.  Actually the five turkeys I’m referring to reside at the coutner in more ways than one & that includes moi! I love these photo’s…my flawlessly clean countertops looking so festive.  The truth?!?!?!  You remember (if you read one of my previous posts), they are actually in continuous flux…breakfast, snacks, homework, dinner … Read More