Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Welcome to my front porch! Our front porch is where we often like to have coffee and/or tea, sometimes breakfast on a weekend morning during the warmer weather. It’s a little slice of zen in our fast paced lives. Our property is surrounded by trees & the birds are always in full chorus in the morning, providing a pretty peaceful … Read More

Decking the Halls of Paris

  I’m continuing to Deck the Halls, but I’m moving on to Paris…wouldn’t that be nice!?!? Although I wasn’t invited to decorate Versailles, I did decorate my mantle continuing with my non- traditional, themed trend.  My boys continue to snub my lack of red and green while I bask in my fun.  Their response as I unveiled the mantle,  ‘Mom, it … Read More

Decking the Halls

I’m decking the halls, a little later than anticipated… I’m not always traditional, but my kids (sometimes) wish I was all red, green and Santa Claus throughout the entire house.   A few years ago I decided to add a theme to each room.  Here is the Peacock Room, which is really the dining room, but we’ll run with it … Read More

$6 Fall Festive Decor that Doubles as a Game

  When I was little my grandmother had special bowls around her house that were always filled with candies. And, of course we loved to visit and hunt through each bowl to see what she was hiding for us with each trip. Often, it was filled with seasonal fun…jelly beans, holiday colored m&m’s, peeps, mini candy canes, etc. It appears that in … Read More

Fall Finds at Our Home

It has finally stopped raining long enough for me to snap a few shots from outside of Our Homestead or what I also refer to as Concevoir.  In French, concevoir means to envision, dream, form…it’s reminds me of the magical moments (gifts from God) that took place while we were building our home. As I was taking the pictures this morning I realized that I think … Read More