Skillet Burritos Make an Easy Dinner Serve for the Family

skillet burritos

Looking for a delicious dinner dish to try in your menu planning? Do you like burritos?  Check out my skillet burritos.  We have many burrito flavors we enjoy, but this combination includes chicken and chorizo, which makes a smokey, savory blend of flavor. In order to make this a quick and easy weekday serve, you will have to plan ahead. … Read More

Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries all in one Big, Delicious Salad

Strawberry Blueberry Salad

I LOVE summer salad season!  I have many favorite combinations; ha ha (in fact, I shared a few more at the bottom of this post). Here is one deliciously scrumptious salad that’s layered with all kinds of flavorful goodness.  When I make a salad, especially to share with friends, I am not known for putting the lettuce mix in first and … Read More

Zucchini stuffed with Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetables for a Family Dinner

stuffed zucchini baked

This summer, with our son graduating, there was no room in the schedule for a garden; boo.  I protested!  And, my husband said (very nicely)….’you have no time to plant & maintain a garden…’  At the end of the day, although I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right.  Prepping the yard after the hard winter for our guests took … Read More

Chipotle Turkey Burgers & Guacamole are on the Grill

Chipotle Turkey Burgers with Guacamole

 I have these little kitchen challenges I give myself & one of them would be seasoning ground turkey which includes creating various flavored turkey burgers, because alone, plain turkey burgers are pretty bland & don’t make the cut over here as far as taste buds go.  The challenge in part is ground turkey, but it’s mostly about creating and discovering recipes … Read More

Summer Pasta Dishes are Delish!

Summer Pasta Dish

We have been fully enjoying the flavors that come with the grilling season at our table, but every once in awhile we still enjoy a delicious pasta dish.  So, I like to bring the grill along to the mix and save the heavy sauce and meatballs for the fall.I am a BIG, no HUGE…. pepper fan & love the summer … Read More

Busy Mom’s Chicken Cacciatore = yum on the run!

chicken Cacciatore

 I have been eyeing a purple, or as they would call it an eggplant colored, Le Creuset Dutch Oven since last fall.  I discovered it in when my husband took me to San Francisco for $470 = OUCH!  This spring I was traveling to Boston for a brief trip & found it on a clearance shelf for less than half … Read More