Make Family Memories with No Bake Kitchen Fun for Easter with Bunny Cookies

no bake bunny cookies

These no bake bunny cookies are  an adorably fun treat!  What are they good for? Bunny Butt Cookies by Jodie Fitz Sugar cookies Vanilla butter cream frosting (see below) Large marshmallows Pink frosting in a tube Other Supplies Needed: Writing tip for cake decorating Plate(s) Bowls Butter knives (plastic are best for young friends) Directions (per cookies): Looking for a … Read More

Decorating Easter Eggs with Homemade Rice Shakers

  Things are really hopping at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club, as we get ready to share  quick & easy Easter recipes for you to try at home starting with decorating Easter Eggs. Micah joined me at the counters to experiment with this year’s Egg Decorating! Together we dyed the eggs with a solid color & then added food coloring … Read More

Bunny Tails for Easter Breakfast Family Fun

   Things are really hopping a long & we are excited to be in the kitchen getting ready for Easter activities. We are always looking for fun breakfast ideas; especially around the holidays.  This year Caleb joined me to bake up some Bunny Tails to serve for breakfast. Bunny Tails are our version of a baked donut hole filled with … Read More

Teach Kids to make Deviled Eggs & Add Family Fun by creating Emoji Veggie Faces

Emoji Deviled eggs

This month I am reminding kids everywhere that it’s easy to make eggs! Hard-boiled eggs are one of nature’s easiest fast foods. Once they’ve been hard-boiled & decorated, they make delicious (and easy) deviled eggs, which happens to be one of my kids favorites. Here’s a link to my annual hard-boil how-to , which includes a list of egg decorating … Read More

Hard Boiled Eggs + Fun Writers = Easter Egg Family Memories

Easter Egg decorating family fun

Join us in the kitchen for a little Easter fun! This month we are reminding kids everywhere that it’s easy to hard-boil eggs! Hard-boiled eggs are one of nature’s easiest fast foods. So, I’ve included our annual ‘how-to’ with a whole new decorating idea… After the kids have finished cooling their hard-boiled eggs, I’m sharing how to use the Betty … Read More

Easy No-bake Triple Layered Chocolate Dessert in a Mini Bite

  We are wrapping up our Easter festivities at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club this month with a little dessert.  Rowan joined me to help make Mini Easter Dirt Cups complete with a candy carrot to top them off. We love this no-bake dessert option that’s a triple layer of chocolate, but just the right size after a big meal. … Read More

Tasty Cheesy Chick Snacks for Easter

Cheesy Chicks

  Mychaela then joined me in the kitchen to make some adorably edible & deliciously easy Cheesy Chicks. This recipe is a great appetizer for Easter or a festive fun alternative treat to share in the classroom. You can watch Mychaela and I making Cheesy Chicks by below & then grab the recipe for a tasty bite of your own. Cheesy … Read More

Decorating Hard Boiled Easter Eggs Ombre Style for Family Fun

  Every year we LOVE to decorate eggs at the Kids Cooking Club. This year Nicholas helped me dip some colorful Ombre Styled Decorative Easter Eggs from supplies we found right at Price Chopper. Check out how Nicholas and I made these creative eggs below; it’s messy, simple & fun. And, don’t forget to check out all of our other … Read More

Easy No-bake Cookie Pops for Easter Family Fun

  Grace hopped up to the counters this month & together we created easy, no-bake Cookie Pops for Easter & a whole lot of family fun that are a kid-friendly no-bake dessert to share with everyone. Once we demonstrated a very simple cookie pop base in our video below, Grace and I showed you how to turn them into cute Easter Bunnies. … Read More

Peep Popping Easter Cupcakes

  This year Maggie & I had fun with those adorably bright peeps & used my trick to decorating and filling cupcakes for the non-frosting lovers with an easy cream filling, which is equally yummy for frosting lovers.  We used bright colors to match the peeps, hollowed out the cupcakes, filled them up & topped them off with some Easter … Read More