Bunny Pancakes for Easter

kids & pancakes

We had so much fun in the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club kitchen this past month getting ready for Easter.  Its one of my favorite holidays to be in the kitchen & all of the recipes we made to share were colorful, whimsical & fun just like this holiday including our Bunny Pancakes for breakfast.  Erin jumped right in, rolled … Read More

Egg-citing Easter Egg Experiments

Egg-citing Experiments

Every year we decorate our eggs just before Easter.  This year, we decided to take a look at some of the trending Easter Egg decorating that’s been circulating the web, try our hand at a few Egg-citing Easter Egg Experiments and add our own twist to the mix along with sharing what we learned all while using edible products for … Read More

Almond Chocolate Meringue Easter Eggs

Almond Chocolate Meringue Easter Eggs

I love making recipes with eggs around Easter; there’s so much to learn and it’s a natural time to squeeze in a few egg-tastic lessons.  Savannah joined me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and together we watched the magic of making meringue, but we didn’t make an ordinary one, we created an Almond-Chocolate flavor and turned it into … Read More

Easter Breakfast with Fruit & Carrot-Applesauce Pancakes

I love the holidays & Easter Breakfast can be fun, but you can still squeeze in a good few bites along the way.  If you have a picky eater, holidays provide the perfect time to play with your food!  What are we serving this year? We are starting with a fresh spring bouquet of fruit that can easily be made … Read More

Meringue Nests

Hadya joined me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club to make these Meringue Nests.  They are actually easy to make, but do require a little time…not my typical quick & easy share, but worth it and festively fun for everyone at the table… Meringue Nests by Jodie Fitz 3 egg whites 1 cup Price Chopper light brown sugar ½ … Read More

Easter = Project Complete!

If you follow along with my posts then you might remember that a few weeks ago my friend Micha set me on a bit of a spring cleaning spree.  It’s crazy, right?  One moment you are on top of it all, suddenly you look around and everything is backed up whether it be projects, regular household activities or a lot … Read More

Bunny-licious Fun!

It’s time to hip-hop into some Easter fun.  Here is a little treat we’ve used for some of our activities with our friends for Easter Egg hunts and Egg Drops when we host our activities before noon…they’re always a special treat & a lot of fun to eat! Powdered Bunnies by Jodie Fitz  1 Price Chopper plain donut 1/8 cup … Read More