Decorating Easter Eggs with Homemade Rice Shakers

  Things are really hopping at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club, as we get ready to share  quick & easy Easter recipes for you to try at home starting with decorating Easter Eggs. Micah joined me at the counters to experiment with this year’s Egg Decorating! Together we dyed the eggs with a solid color & then added food coloring … Read More

Salad Stuffed Cyclops are perfect Family Fun Halloween Food

salad stuffed cyclops

Do you love Halloween? Do you love festive looking food? I do!  And, that is why I created Salad Stuffed Cyclops. One of the things I’ve spent my career doing, is finding creative ways to get kids taste testing and eating all kinds of veggies.  Sometimes we play with our food and sometimes I’m the ‘queen of sneak and tell’.  … Read More

Easter Egg Decorating Family Fun

Marble Easter Eggs in Whipped Cream

Once we cleaned our hands!  We let the whipped cream covered eggs set for about an hour on a drying rack in the fridge and then wiped away the excess with a damp paper towel.  Voila! Gorgeous marbleized Easter Egg Decorating fun that the kids will enjoy telling everyone about..

Teach Kids to make Deviled Eggs & Add Family Fun by creating Emoji Veggie Faces

Emoji Deviled eggs

This month I am reminding kids everywhere that it’s easy to make eggs! Hard-boiled eggs are one of nature’s easiest fast foods. Once they’ve been hard-boiled & decorated, they make delicious (and easy) deviled eggs, which happens to be one of my kids favorites. Here’s a link to my annual hard-boil how-to , which includes a list of egg decorating … Read More

Hard Boiled Eggs + Fun Writers = Easter Egg Family Memories

Easter Egg decorating family fun

Join us in the kitchen for a little Easter fun! This month we are reminding kids everywhere that it’s easy to hard-boil eggs! Hard-boiled eggs are one of nature’s easiest fast foods. So, I’ve included our annual ‘how-to’ with a whole new decorating idea… After the kids have finished cooling their hard-boiled eggs, I’m sharing how to use the Betty … Read More

Cheer Team USA with these Red White and Blueberry Freeze Pops

Red, White and Blueberry Freeze Pops

The summer heat is the perfect time to have fun in the kitchen experimenting with ‘COOL’ recipes that don’t require you to heat things up in the kitchen. These freeze pops are a fun family treat that’s icy sweet & good to eat while watching the Olympic Games & cheering on Team USA! In this refreshing, all-natural treat, the bottom … Read More

Olympic Fun in the Kitchen…

The Olympics are here and if you are like us, we love to watch the opening and closing ceremonies as well as follow along with certain events throughout the two-week game period.  When I was a younger I remember watching the Olympics and of course spending hours with friends pretending to be Olympic hopefuls.  I love watching my children as … Read More

The Grinch -ified Family Food Fun

The Grinch Smoothie Fun

 It’s that time of year & at our house it’s been CRAZY!  I had a plan to prep the holidays, but that all got tossed to the side with a busy schedule, my husband hurting his back & then adding a kid injury into the mix.  So, as I’ve been telling my kids, it’s a lesson on keeping it all … Read More

Red, white & Blue Berry Pancake Recipe eating fun

red white & blue berry pancakes

 We love experimenting with pancakes & creating a new pancake recipe to share.  My middle guy, now a full fledge teenager, is the most vocal about whether he likes a recipe or not.  When he’s quiet & eats & then goes for seconds, I know he likes it, but doesn’t want to tell me because he was being difficult (still … Read More

Decorating Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands and Twine for Family Fun

Decorating Easter Eggs

    Bryan & I decided to really mess things up with our decorating Easter eggs this year at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club.  And, decorating eggs is always the perfect opportunity to teach kids how to hard-boil an egg and then have a whole lot of creative fun.  Last year in the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club we … Read More