Creamy Blueberry Freeze Pops

Creamy blueberry freeze pops made with Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries and natural ingredients that create three beautiful layers of creamy white, deep purple and lavender colors.

Creamy Blueberry Freeze Pops are easy to make.  They are a great recipe to make with the kids in the summer.  These freeze pops are packed with fresh blueberries. Creamy Blueberry Freeze Pops I love homemade freeze pops!  They are easy, creative and delicious to make.  July is one of my favorite times to pull out my Creamy Blueberry Freeze … Read More

Berries and Cream Popsicle Recipe

Homemade berries and cream Popsicles made with pureed blackberries and pureed raspberries mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt and honey.

This Berries and Cream Popsicle Recipe is easy to make.  It’s sweet and delicious with a healthy twist.  It’s a great summer recipe the kids will love. Berries and Cream Popsicle Recipe It’s mid-summer in the northeast and I have a question; are you in the mood for freeze pops too cool things down like I am? I am loving these … Read More

Take a Bite out of Summer with these Easy Cherry Cream Freeze Pop Treats

I’m sharing my watermelon look alike freeze pops made out of a cherry cream base and a surprise layer of green. These pops were inspired by a request from my daughter and they became one of my personal freeze pop favorites. And, with mid-August taking it’s debut.  This is the perfect recipe to remind us to still take a bite … Read More

Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops

Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops

We are still looking for fun frozen foods throughout the month of August!  Check out this recipe for Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops.  You won’t believe what makes them green, but picky eaters love them.  It’s one more way to add in a natural food coloring and add in a few extra veggies along the way… Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops by Jodie … Read More

Hot Summer Weather= Easy to make Cool Down Oreo Freeze Pops

Freeze pops are easy & fun

We love the hot weather, but are equally crazy for a delicious cool down treat & there’s nothing better than making homemade freeze pops. We are loving this combination of low fat vanilla yogurt and crushed Oreo cookies = total yum fun that’s super easy to make.  I love any layered flavor that gives a chance to get in the kitchen, … Read More

Tropical Freeze Pop Cool Down Fun!

Things are heating up and feeling quite tropical…now we can cool it down for the weekend with a little treat! Tropical Freeze Pops by Jodie Fitz 3 cups low fat vanilla yogurt 1 banana 1 mango 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk 6 craft sticks 6 – 5 oz. plastic cups makes 6 – 5 oz. freeze pops Separate the yogurt … Read More