Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Welcome to my front porch! Our front porch is where we often like to have coffee and/or tea, sometimes breakfast on a weekend morning during the warmer weather. It’s a little slice of zen in our fast paced lives. Our property is surrounded by trees & the birds are always in full chorus in the morning, providing a pretty peaceful … Read More

Changing the Accessibility of Fruits & Vegetables

I just discovered a new trick in making fruits & vegetables just a little bit more accessible. I’ve always considered myself pretty good at introducing the fruits & vegetables to my kids.  Over the years we have practiced being taste testers, using the produce aisles at the grocery store as our discovery ground and we’ve become kitchen experimenters with recipes … Read More

Summer Spices and My Outdoor Spice Rack Creation

breakfast with the girls

The story behind my spices! My birthday is in May!  As part of my celebration I went to breakfast with a few of my friends at a restaurant in a neighboring town called the Iron Roost.  Afterwards I wanted to go to a little shop in town called C’est La Vie that had caught my eye on a recent drive … Read More

Kids Fun 101: Egg Heads & Gardening

kids fun 101: preparing for seedlings growth

We’re having a different kind of fun in the kitchen today, but it’s all food related!  We’re beginning our gardening over spring break using eggs as our seed starters. Start with hollowed (or blown) eggs and gently crack the top off. Using craft markers (NOT washable), begin to create your egg-heads by adding faces of all kinds. Using seed starter … Read More

Earth Day 2012 on the Home Front

Earth Day, annually observed on April 22nd , is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth and our natural environment. Today my youngest and I started our 2012 home awareness by planting & recycling together after school.  I’m really not the greenest thumb on the block when it comes to gardening.  Over the past several … Read More