Meet Mr. Wiggles New Bud…Mr. Slurps!

Remember Mr. Wiggles?  Unfortunately he was making a mess out his fish tank; kind of like my kids and their rooms ~ LOL!  One morning I found myself staring at the tank, drinking my tea (raspberry tea…just in case you were curious :)) and wondering exactly what I was going to do about this situation.  You see…shortly after the whole … Read More

Meet Mr. Wiggles

Saturday I relished in one of those fleeting euphoric mommy moments. It came after days of dealing with squabbling siblings and serving as master mediator, disciplinarian, taxi cab driver, chief chef, head maid….all while working & no hubby (still married, just crazy work schedule for him right now and I’m currently the wing man)!  And then, just like I felt … Read More