Healthy Schools: Creating a Kid’s Health Fair

High five to healthy kids

Creating a Kids’ Health Fair – This past fall I participated in the PEP Schuylerville Elementary Kid’s Health Fair and I recently had the honor of speaking with Cathleen Buff, the creator and chair of the program.  They have done such a great job of creating a program that involves the children throughout the entire process.  All of the activities have … Read More

Healthy Schools: Fuel Up to Play 60 Grants

healthy schools hula hoop

You recently received a grant for the Play 60 program to benefit your students, which is awesome.  I’m curious how long the process was in applying for the grant? I worked on different parts of the grant from the beginning of the school year in September until we submitted the application in the middle of January. I am not really … Read More

Healthy Schools: Connecting family, school and community

Eagle Elementary Fun

I know, it’s summertime!  However, I am going to continue my Healthy Schools segments June, July and August for a couple of reasons; 1.  There are so many GREAT things to share that are coming out of schools as it relates to creating healthy kid communities. 2.  Summer is a FANTASTIC time for school year planning & just maybe one … Read More

Healthy Schools All Year Long

Field Day Runners

Healthy Schools All Year Long All year I have been featuring different schools and focusing on what it is they do to create a Healthy Kid Community for their students.  When I recently interviewed Principal, Tim Sinnenberg at Charlton Heights and asked him if he had one event he wanted to highlight, I loved when he told me that they … Read More

Re-posting from last summer – Mango Cutting 101

I decided to re-post Mango Cutting 101 & Mango Cutting Made Easy from last summer’s blog in prep for tomorrow’s mango recipe tomorrow.  I realized in doing this that it really wasn’t that long ago that I switched blog formats & now, about a year later, I have a new site under construction & I can’t wait to share it … Read More

The Blueberry Blaster!

It’s July, which is also National Blueberry Month, which means it’s time to celebrate with blueberry combinations!  So, to start things off, we’re blasting forward with a little kitchen fun and making the Blueberry Blaster to share; a delicious smoothie. Did You Know?!?! * The NuVal Score of blueberries = 100 * Native Americans once called blueberries “star berries,” because … Read More