Valentine Hot Cocoa Cones

Valentine's Hot Cocoa Cones

Looking for something that’s fun and easy to make for Valentine’s? Check out these Hot Cocoa Cones, they’re prefect for kids to use after they’ve been out in the snow.  We have given these on numerous occasions and they have always be a hit… Valentine Hot Cocoa Cones by Jodie Fitz Valentine’s from the Kitchen… Supply list: Valentine’s wrapping paper … Read More

Valentine’s Lunch Box Ideas

Valentine's Lunch Box Ideas

Are you looking for fresh lunch box ideas?  Check out the Valentine’s Day lunch box packing fun we tried at the counters of the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and take advantage of a little taste testing fun over any holiday! Valentine’s Lunch Box Packing Fun by Jodie Fitz Homemade lunch-able fun… Tomato wraps Price Chopper smoked turkey deli meat … Read More

Valentine Dessert = mini valentine bite fun!

cooking with kids is fun

Have you run out of time? Or, want to keep the oven off? Check out this no-bake Valentine Dessert that’s perfect for kid fun; it’s a mini bite valentine. Valentine Dessert = Mini Valentine Fun! by Jodie Fitz No Bake fun…  1 package of Price Chopper Golden Sandwich Cookies (15.5 oz.) 4 oz. Price Chopper Strawberry Soft Cream Cheese Spread, softened … Read More