Continued Pizza Night Fun!

We are continuing the Pizza Night Make Over and having fun with food by building a snowman (hey….where I live we can’t build one outside, so we might as well build one inside).  I had quite the crew in my house when we made this for my video blog with MVP Generation Go and even the teens had a blast … Read More

Family Pizza Night Goes Valentine’s…

It’s always fun with kids to celebrate the holidays and Valentine’s can be host to all kinds of food fun.  I know many families, including ours, that LOVE pizza night.  It’s funny how simple traditions/routines can deliver excitement and something we all look forward to sharing.  Are we ordering this week?  What type are we going to make this week?  Can … Read More

Trading Out the Traditional Bread Stick

 We are H-U-G-E salad eaters!  Yes, even during the dead of winter I love to make & serve a nice salad; there are so many great combinations.  This week one of my favorite salad mixes is on sale!  It’s the Dole Baby Garden Blend and it’s buy 1 – get 1 so I couldn’t refuse this deal (okay, okay….I’m already … Read More

Veggies & Pizza

Pizza is one of our favorite things to eat.  And, like many families we typically have one night a week that is considered ‘Pizza Night’!  Pizza is always FUN, whether ordered or made.  One of the favorite things I like about making the pizza is it’s a great dinner to serve up with hidden vegetables.  One of the pizza’s we’ve … Read More

First Healthy School Visit of 2012!

I’m off and starting the year by doing exactly what I love – visiting with students, making recipes and encouraging them to taste test and try new food combinations. Thank you Arongen Elementary for making my start to the new year fantastic and fun!  The kids were great & I really enjoyed today as we talked about a healthy start … Read More

Veggie Appetizer Fun for Kids

Not wanting the kids to eat chips, dip and sweets at your upcoming gathering? Sometimes the veggie platter has to be just as fun…. Fun with Veggies by Jodie Fitz 1 oz. Price Chopper cream cheese, softened 1 tablespoon Price Chopper sour cream 1 teaspoon of dry ranch seasoning Central Market wheat crackers, round Large carrots Celery Price Chopper Raisins Mix … Read More

Adding in the Flavors of the Pomegranate

Our holidays can be quickly filled with sugar, sweets and more desserts.   As much as I love to make them and share my favorites, I’m also serving up the fruits and veggies on the home front each and every day.  This week I kept it festive by making My Parmesan Chicken on top of what I called Our Holiday … Read More

Cheese Ball Recipe Turned Snowman

Cooking with Kids - cheese ball gone snowman

Check out this Cheese Ball recipe that’s been re-purposed into a Snowman :)!  This recipe is great for birthday parties, classroom parties and/or any upcoming gathering.  It’s easy to make, tasty, kid-friendly and festive.  What’s not to love about an edible snowman? Snowy the Cheese Ball by Jodie Fitz 8 oz. Price Chopper cream cheese 1 teaspoon dry ranch dressing* … Read More

‘Cinnamoned’ Sweet Potatoes

  I think each and every season makes the produce section an adventure.  It’s a taste testing experiment ground, a way to introduce children to new foods and different flavors.  This fall, we are pulling sweet potatoes back to the table & who knows, we might even serve them this way for Thanksgiving.  Why not?  They love them & I’m … Read More

Squash Monsters for Dinner

When my youngest was much littler than she is now, we used to play a game in the produce aisles throughout the fall.   Every week she would select one new squash, because there are so many unique and colorful options to try that caught her eye.  It was FANTASTIC; it encouraged taste testing and trying new foods and even … Read More