Chicken Bacon Sandwich Recipe

Chicken sandwich topped with melted Swiss cheese, cooked bacon and honey mustard sauce served on a hard roll

This Chicken Bacon Sandwich makes dinner easy.  It’s not only an easy dinner idea, it’s great to grab and go for busy weeknights.  It’s a great combo the entire family will enjoy. Chicken Bacon Sandwich Recipe One of my son’s favorite sandwiches to order at a restaurant we occasionally go to is a chicken, bacon & Swiss combination.  We’ve adopted … Read More

Mint Chocolate Tie Dye Smoothie

Two mint chocolate tie dye smoothie in a glass jar with chocolate and green syrup along the edges with striped and polkadot paper straws

A mint chocolate tie dye smoothie is delicious.  It’s an easy St. Patrick’s Day recipe for any celebration.  This smoothie recipe is kid-tested and approved. Mint Chocolate Tie Dye Smoothie Mint and Chocolate go together like Shama Lama Ding Dong!  They are a match made in palate heaven.  And, since I’m in a tie dye smoothie kick this year I … Read More

Homemade Shamrock Chips & Tomato Salsa

Homemade Spinach Chips in the shape of shamrocks on a white plate with an heirloom tomato salsa in a green bowl

Homemade shamrock chips served with a tomato salsa are a healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snack.  This recipe is an easy snack to make.  It’s festive, fun and kid-friendly.  Homemade Shamrock Chips & Tomato Salsa Homemade Shamrock Chips with this Lucky Salsa recipe make for a festively delicious St. Patrick’s Day snack. Simply grab the FlatOut® Garden Spinach flatbreads in the … Read More

Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Stack of three mint chocolate chip pancakes on a plate with a fork

Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes are a fun way to include spinach in a recipe.  The spinach serves as a natural food dye.  This breakfast recipe is picky eater approved. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes We are always in the mood for delicious, but fun recipes.  These Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes certainly fill that desire.  While this breakfast recipe is scrumptious and … Read More

Mission Burritos with Spanish Rice

A burrito topped with cheese, sauce and fresh avocado slices on a plate served with Spanish rice

Mission Burritos with Spanish Rice make for a delicious family meal.  These burritos are packed with flavor.  It’s a meal the entire family will enjoy. Mission Burritos with Spanish Rice Working on your weekly meal plans?  Check out my Mission Burrito recipe for your menu planning activities! What’s great about this recipe?  Well it tastes great!  But, you can build … Read More

Easy No Bake St. Patrick’s Day Treat

Two St Patrick's Day Treats filled with pretzels, M&Ms, yogurt covered Chex Mix, and chocolate served in cupcake liners

This easy no bake St. Patrick’s Day treat is delicious and fun.  It’s great for classroom parties.  Serve this St. Patrick’s Day treat in cupcake liners for individual servings. Easy No Bake St. Patrick’s Day Treat This easy, no bake St. Patrick’s Day treat is perfect for classroom parties, a family movie night or just for fun.  What’s the best … Read More

Easy Shamrock Shake Recipe

A girl pouring a shamrock shake from a blender into two glasses

My Shamrock Shake Recipe is a great alternative with a healthier twist.  It includes ingredients for natural food coloring, less calories, lower fat content and no chemicals! Easy Shamrock Shake Recipe What’s cooking in March? A whole lot of tasty, fun yum. This month I’m thinking about everything green; lucky leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day and my Shamrock Shake Recipe! The … Read More

Homemade Broccoli Pizza Bites

Shamrock shaped pizza pocket on a green plate surrounded by a shamrock cookie cutter, a bowl of cheese and a bowl of roasted broccoli

Homemade broccoli pizza bites are easy to make.  This recipe is a great way to use leftover roasted broccoli.  These pizza pockets make pizza night fun with a twist. Homemade Broccoli Pizza Bites Any weekly pizza night can be transformed into total food yum with a homemade pizza pocket.  Pizza pockets are fun to eat and easy to make.  And … Read More

Healthy Green Eggs and Ham Recipe

A young girl taking a bite of green eggs and ham. The eggs are colored naturally with spinach.

Try my healthy version of a Green Eggs and Ham Recipe.  It’s easy, it’s delicious and it brings a whole new flavor to scrambled eggs.  This is a kid-friendly, family fun recipe with natural food coloring. Healthy Green Eggs and Ham Recipe It’s time to experiment! Grab the picture book, Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss, and learn more about … Read More

Flower Power Lunch Food Fun for Kids

A lunchbox packed with a healthy version of dirt dessert, watermelon cut in the shape of flowers with green grapes in the center with sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers

Flower Power for lunch is filled with healthy food fun that the kids will love.  It’s packed with sandwich alternatives and a side of fruit flowers.  It also includes a dirt dessert alternative made with yogurt. Flower Power Lunch Food Fun for Kids Looking to spruce up the lunchbox in the middle of winter? Check out my Flower Power food … Read More