Loaded Smashed Cauliflower Recipe

Loaded smashed cauliflower in a baking dish topped with melted cheese, fresh cooked bacon bits and scallions

Loaded Smashed Cauliflower is a delicious side dish.  It’s great on the dinner table all year long, but perfect for gatherings and holidays.  This recipe is easy to make. Loaded Smashed Cauliflower Recipe Have you had a mashed or smashed cauliflower yet?  If you have, or if you haven’t, you absolutely want to try this recipe.  It’s my Loaded Smashed … Read More

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Diced sweet potatoes coated with cinnamon and other spiced, cooked and served in a scalloped bowl

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes are a delicious side dish.  They are delicious to eat and a dish the entire family will enjoy.  These sweet potatoes are perfect to serve at your holiday table or other special gatherings. Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes!  I personally love them.  I grew up eating sweet potatoes and they are full of healthy goodness.  My family, … Read More

Honey Whipped Cream

Whipped cream in a metal bowl and on a metal KitchenAid whisk of an electric whisk that's pulled out of the bowl

Honey whipped cream goes great on many desserts.  It’s deliciously easy to whip up.  It’s perfect for entertaining with just the right amount of flavor. Honey Whipped Cream Homemade whipped cream is fabulous, but homemade Honey Whipped Cream is even better! This super easy dessert topping is perfect for many desserts.  I love it on top of apple pie, my … Read More

Easy Honey Apple Crisp in Mason Jars

Apple Crisp topped with whipped cream in mason jars positioned on a cake platter

Honey apple crisp is the perfect fall dessert.  It’s easy to make.  Serve it in a mason jar for an individual portion control. Easy Honey Apple Crisp in Mason Jars I have the perfect fall dessert for you.  And here are some of my favorite reasons I pull this recipe out to share; It’s DELICIOUS! It’s EASY to make. It’s … Read More

Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

Pumpkin Humus in a white bowl with pepitas and chia seeds sprinkled around the edge served with pita chips on a platter

Try this Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe for a healthy snack.  It’s great for after school or lunchbox yum.  It’s perfect for a Thanksgiving appetizer. Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe Have you tried pumpkin hummus yet?  You have to try this easy pumpkin hummus recipe it’s delicious.  It’s not overpowering with pumpkin and a great way to add in all of the … Read More

Cinnamon Apples and Dip are a perfect Thanksgiving Snack

Cinnamon Apples and Dip arranged on a plate to resemble a turkey

My cinnamon and apples and dip are perfect for a healthy Thanksgiving Snack.  The kids can turn this simple recipe into a food turkey for festive fun.  It’s a delicious snack the whole family will enjoy. Cinnamon Apples and Dip are a perfect Thanksgiving Snack I absolutely love cinnamon apples!  It’s the way I eat my apples; always.  I love … Read More

Fall Tie Dye Smoothie

Tie Dye Smoothie made with a chocolate and pumpkin orange swirl affect served in glass mason jars with striped paper straws

Looking for a new smoothie recipe to make?  Try my Fall Tie Dye Smoothie.  It’s delicious and filled with healthy ingredients the entire family will love. Fall Tie Dye Smoothie Oh…I don’t know?  I call this my Fall Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe, but I have to be honest….I may call it my everyday Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe. This is so … Read More

Halloween Brownie Bites

Brownie batter cooked in a cupcake tin to create a brownie bowl filled with edible dirt dessert made from pudding and crushed Oreo cookies topped with gummy worms.

Halloween brownie bites are the perfect creepy, crawly treat.  They are an easy recipe to make that’s festive and delicious. Halloween Brownie Bites Looking for a little kitchen fun that’s easy for Halloween?  Look no further!  Halloween brownie bites are the perfect solution to your recipe seeking dilemma. This recipe is delicious and simple!  It takes a regular brownie box … Read More

Spider Pizza makes a Healthy Halloween Snack

Two pizzas decorated with tomato spiders

This spider pizza making idea makes a great healthy Halloween snack.  These mini pizzas are veggie topped and built on a whole grain base.  These pizza bites are perfect for family fun or a party serve. Spider Pizza makes a Healthy Halloween Snack Grab the kids and get ready to build a veggie spider pizza on a whole grain pita … Read More

Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and Monsters

Halloween lunch ideas

Check out these Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and monsters for a Healthy Halloween.  These simple recipes are a twist of fun with healthy additions to holiday fun.  These bites make the lunchbox exiting and delicious. Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and Monsters Need Halloween lunch ideas? Looking for ideas to keep the lunchbox interesting and fun for Halloween (or all year long)? Check … Read More