Fresh and Healthy Salad with Fruit in the Mix

Fresh and Healthy Salad with Fruit in the Mix

Looking for a fresh, healthy salad to serve this summer?  Check out this mix!  It’s one of my favorites.  This healthy salad adds a ‘wowza’ to the table if you’re entertaining, but it’s deliciously good to eat any day of the week. If you’re looking to save on time, my pick for a dressing is a poppyseed.  However, if you’re … Read More

Dinner is Made Easy with this Chicken Sandwich

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich on FlatOut® Flatbread

Looking for dinner made easy? I know I am! I actually try to use my grocery shopping day as my prep day to simplify our busy weeks. I often mix my marinade, pour it over the chicken in a freezer bag or other airtight container & freeze it. This way I can take the frozen chicken out to thaw on … Read More

Maple Ice cream topped with Blueberries is Scrumptiously Easy

Maple Ice Cream topped with Blueberries

YUM! This Maple Ice Cream Recipe is easy to make and absolutely delightful to serve. It’s NO BAKE & NO CHURN; you know how I love recipes that are scrumptious, but save time in the kitchen. I’ve included all of the ‘how-to’s’ in making an edible bowl for some scrumptious dessert serving fun. The phyllo dough bowl adds just the right … Read More

Dinner can be Made Tasty and Easy with Turkey Enchiladas

Easy Turkey Enchiladas

 Looking for something new for dinner?  Need quick & easy?  Turkey Enchiladas just might be part of the solution!  I don’t know about you, but our schedule is always on turbo & dinners can be one of the trickiest meals in our schedule.  It’s mostly tricky, because you can’t always control what you have planned (at least I can’t…hence the … Read More

Fish Tacos on the Menu for Dinner

fish tacos

 This week we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  Secretly, I think he would like me to tell you that we celebrate his 29th birthday year after year ~ haha (and, of course I would like to tell you that little wish for mine too when it rolls around…)!  Just like everything in my life, special family celebrations revolve around food (lol).  And, so … Read More

Bunny Food (a favorite pizza mix) is back…

If you follow along you know I love to play with pizza…and veggies…well, all foods really.  I don’t know about your family, but we have a weekly pizza night.  Sometimes we order, most of the time we make our favorites and often I experiment and introduce something new.  When the kids were young I found that shapes and holidays gave … Read More

Reader Tip Tuesday with this week’s Craft & Recipe Party

Reader Tip Tuesday with food & craft party

WELCOME to week 85 of the Reader Tip Tuesday Recipe & Craft Party Welcome!  If you partied here before, thank you for joining us & welcome back. If you are new to the party, we’re glad you are here & we’re excited to see your creativity. Reader Tip Tuesday is all about you! I truly enjoy hearing how we all … Read More