Watermelon Granita Recipe

A white bowl filled with a watermelon fruit granita shaved ice

This watermelon granita recipe is easy to make.  It’s a healthy, frozen dessert option.  Granita is a fruity shaved ice that’s healthier than a snow cone. Watermelon Granita Recipe I love a good granita recipe.  It’s so easy to make, it’s fruit packed and it makes a fantastic summer dessert.  My watermelon granita has a little bit of fresh, pitted … Read More

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Grilled vegetable pizza made with fresh shredded mozzarella and fresco cheese, left over sweet corn, poblano peppers, grape tomatoes, red onions on top of pizza with balsamic glaze.

Have leftover sweet corn?  Turn it into a grilled veggie pizza that’s easy to make and delicious to eat. Grilled Veggie Pizza Sweet corn is a summer staple in our household!  We love the leftovers just as much as we like it cooked fresh.  Sometimes we eat it cold straight out of the fridge, other times we shave off the … Read More

Veggie Bugs are a Healthy Kid Snack

A plate with veggies bugs made out of mini cucumbers, carrot hummus, sliced cucumbers, colorful grape tomatoes, carrots and candy eyes

Veggie bugs are a healthy kid snack.  These adorable crunchy snacks are built out of fresh vegetables and homemade hummus.  This is a kid-friendly, memory making way to eat veggies. Veggie Bugs are a Healthy Kid Snack Making veggie bugs is a fun way to spend time together preparing a healthy, veggie packed snack.  It’s amazing how creative children become … Read More

Veggie Sandwich Wrap = Picnic Perfect Recipe

A spinach garden wrap filled with fresh vegetables and a veggie cream cheese spread cut and ready to be wrapped in parchment paper

Veggie Sandwich Wraps are easy to make.  These wraps make a great veggie packed, sandwich alternative.  These wraps are great for picnic packing yum. Veggie Sandwich Wrap = Picnic Perfect Recipe Looking for a new lunch idea? Do you prefer a recipe that’s easy, but light? Want a better bite? Check out this Veggie Sandwich Wrap Recipe. It’s super easy, … Read More

Breakfast Fruit Pizza

A plate with a fruit pizza topped with pineapple, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and cherries sliced and ready to serve

A breakfast fruit pizza is a healthy breakfast option the entire family will enjoy.  This healthy breakfast idea is kid friendly.  This simple breakfast recipe is a great way to add fruit to the plate. Breakfast Fruit Pizza Now is the time to take advantage of all of the fresh fruit that’s in season.  There’s a wide variety of delicious … Read More

Homemade Lemon Lime Freeze Pops

A green plate with two lime freeze pops and one lemon freeze pop with a creamy yogurt center in each popsicle

Homemade lemon lime freeze pops are easy to make.  This simple layered frozen recipe is bursting with flavor.  These popsicles make a great summer treat. Homemade Lemon Lime Freeze Pops One of my favorite things to do is experiment with frozen treats.  Popsicles make a delicious cool-down snack that’s both fun to eat and to share with family and friends.  … Read More

Caterpillar Lunchbox Packing Yum Fun

circular sandwich bites made with banana and peanut butter compiled in the shape of a caterpillar body with a watermelon head

This caterpillar lunchbox packing food fun is a great way to add colorful fruits and vegetables to the plate.  This easy recipe is also a great way to serve a story time snack.  This caterpillar inspired lunch is kid friendly and memorable.  Caterpillar Lunchbox Packing Yum Fun Sometimes making lunches and packing the lunchbox can get boring; true story.  Here’s … Read More

Grilled Potato Salad Recipe

A bowl of grilled potato salad on a picnic table

Grilled potato salad is packed with flavor.  This is a great summer side dish.  It’s a great way to use up leftover grilled potatoes.  Grilled Potato Salad Recipe I love grilled potatoes in the summer.  Especially when you create a foil pack of peeled, diced potatoes and top them off with spices and a little butter or toss them in … Read More

Grilled Balsamic Chicken Recipe

Grilled balsamic chicken topped with grilled grape tomatoes and sliced onions

Grilled balsamic chicken is great for summer entertaining.  This grill recipe is perfect for easy meal prep any weekday night.  Make this recipe part of your freezer meal prep.   Grilled Balsamic Chicken Recipe Looking for a delicious grill recipe for dinner?  Want to serve a scrumptious meal to guests?  Check out my grilled balsamic chicken recipe.  This marinated chicken is … Read More

Kids will Love these Butterfly Sandwich Bites

A plate with two veggie filled mini sandwiches in the shape of a butter fly with flower shaped cut watermelon and cantaloupe fruit pieces

Butterfly sandwich bites are a great way to add fruit and vegetables to the plate.  These simple kid-friendly sandwich combos make lunchtime fun.  These sandwiches make the lunchbox packing and picnics a little more exciting. Kids will Love these Butterfly Sandwich Bites Butterfly Bites not only brighten up the lunchbox and fill it with delicious bites, they also make the … Read More