Easy Chicken Pesto Recipe

Bowl of Farfelle pasta tossed with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, sausage and chicken with pesto sauce and fresh shredded parmesan cheese on a table ready to be served

This easy chicken pesto recipe is delicious.  This recipe is a perfect addition to the dinner menu plan. It’s a recipe that the entire family will love. Easy Chicken Pesto Recipe Need to switch up pasta night?  Or, maybe you just need a new recipe to try?  Well, check out my Easy Chicken Pesto mix that’s not only easy, but … Read More

Pesto Quesadilla Recipe Holiday Kid Fun

Spinach Wrap Quesadilla wedges that look like a Christmas Tree with a pretzel stick at the bottom and strips of red peppers to serve as garland and diced yellow peppers as ornaments

This pesto quesadilla recipe makes perfect holiday fun for the kids.  It’s full of flavor and with a few fresh veggies and some pretzel sticks you can turn it into a Christmas Tree.  This recipe is perfect for holiday lunch, snack or easy dinnertime fun. Pesto Quesadilla Recipe Holiday Kid Fun Got kids?  Do they like quesadillas? If the answer … Read More

Chocolate Caramel Filled Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate filled Shortbread Cookies with a chocolate caramel filling and chocolate sprinkles on top placed on a blue serving plate

Chocolate Caramel Filled Shortbread Cookies are delicious.  They are easy to make and perfect for a holiday cookie exchange.  This cookie recipe is a great family activity, yummy dessert or a homemade gift. Chocolate Caramel Filled Shortbread Cookies It’s not just December or the holiday season, it’s officially COOKIE SEASON. It’s time to dust off the recipe cards and pull … Read More

Hot Cocoa Cones

Hot Cocoa wrapped in a cone with mini marshmallows on top to look like an ice cream cone wrapped in holiday paper and ribbons

Hot Cocoa Cones are easy to make.  They are perfect for kids to craft and give to their friends. Hot Cocoa Cones also makes a great homemade classroom gift. Hot Cocoa Cones Looking for an easy craft to make with the kids?  Check out my Hot Cocoa Cones!  They are easy to make and fairly inexpensive.  These cones are a … Read More

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Caramel

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Peanut butter and Caramel on a white plate with red, white and green sprinkles on them

Chocolate covered pretzels with caramel are a great no bake cookie option.  They are perfect for holiday cookie exchanges.  These chocolate dipped pretzels are equally delicious just to make for fun or to serve with a friend.Chocolate Covered Caramel Pretzels Check out these easy chocolate covered pretzels with a twist that even the kids can help make! It’s a CRAZY … Read More

Thanksgiving Leftover Egg Bites

Stuffing formed into a muffin cup filled with baked egg, sharp cheese and bacon for a Thanksgiving leftover breakfast

Use Thanksgiving Leftover stuffing by making these egg bites.  They are delicious, easy and a creative way to use up leftovers.  Perfect to share with family. Thanksgiving Leftover Egg Bites What kind of stuffing do you make?  Mine is a turkey sausage based stuffing.  It’s made with both sweet and hot Italian spiced turkey sausage. It’s easy and flavorful because … Read More

Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie

Have Thanksgiving leftovers?  Add this garbage bread with baked brie to your leftover menu planning.  It’s an easy way to bake the leftovers into a a delicious lunch or dinner that the family will love. Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie I am always looking for new ways to use up Thanksgiving Leftovers.  This year I’m sharing my Thanksgiving … Read More

BBQ Turkey Pizza and Thanksgiving Leftovers

A bbq flavored turkey pizza on a pizza stone fully baked with leftover turkey, bbq sauce cheese and dough

Have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving?  Try making a BBQ Turkey Pizza.  It’s a delicious way to use Thanksgiving Leftovers that the whole family will love. BBQ Turkey Pizza and Thanksgiving Leftovers Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is fantastic, but it comes with a L-O-N-G week of prep!  And, after all of the guests have gone, the house has been reclaimed & … Read More

Apple Cider Sangria for Fall Entertaining

White tray with 3 wine glasses and a pitcher of apple cider sangria filled with orange slices, apple slices and pear slices

Apple Cider Sangria is perfect for fall gatherings and entertaining.  It’s a simple drink that can be made ahead.  Apple Cider Sangria is delicious and easy. Apple Cider Sangria for Fall Entertaining Looking for a fall cocktail to serve?  Want to keep it easy and simple?  I’ve got you covered with my Apple Cider Fall Sangria.  It’s filled with a … Read More

Easy Homemade Breakfast Turkey Sausage

Breakfast sandwich with homemade turkey sausage patty, spinach, fried egg and cheese on a whole grain 100 calorie round

Homemade Breakfast Turkey Sausage is easy to make.  You can make this sausage recipe ahead and freeze it.  It’s the perfect addition to any breakfast sandwich. Easy Homemade Breakfast Turkey Sausage I love homemade breakfast turkey sausage! It’s really pretty simple to make. Add a few spices to ground turkey, cook it up & BAM you have part of a … Read More