Sausage Bean Soup with Fennel and Leeks

Bowl of greens and beans made with leeks and fennel served with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top and thin bread sticks on the side

Sausage Bean Soup with Fennel and Leeks is scrumptious.  It’s the perfect soup recipe for dinner to warm the soul.  This soup recipe is packed with flavor. Sausage Bean Soup with Fennel and Leeks It’s soup weather = yum!  We all have a favorite soup in my family; this Sausage Bean Soup with Fennel and Leeks is one of my … Read More

Chicken Curry is a Quick & Easy Dinner Recipe

Cooked chicken, sugar snap peas, red bell purple, spinach in curry sauce in an Instant Pot

 Chicken Curry is an absolutely delicious dinner.  It’s an easy dinner that can be made in 30 minutes.  It’s a family meal that everyone will enjoy. We’re all about REAL FOOD FAST, because we don’t have a choice with our busy schedules!  Sometimes that requires a little weekend prep to make the weekdays easier.  One thing I love to make … Read More

Snowman Pizza Night Fun

Pizza in the shape of a snowman baked with spinach, sausage and cheese with olives to create eyes and a mouth, tomato buttons and a carrot nose

Build a snowman pizza for family pizza night fun.  This pizza is a perfect way to include extra veggies for kids.  It’s a new way to build a snowman memory together. Snowman Pizza Night Fun Do you want to build a snowman?  I do! I love snowman pizza, family pizza making yum.  I started making these pizzas when my youngest … Read More

One Pot Macaroni and Cheese

Bowl of macaroni and cheese in a small bowl topped with fresh tomatoes and avocados in a navy bowl

One pot macaroni and cheese is an easy dinner that takes only 30 minutes to make.  It’s kid friendly and a great recipe for them to make with some supervision.  Top it off with fresh veggies for added yumminess. One Pot Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and cheese is always delicious.  It’s definitely on the comfort food list and perfect for … Read More

Melted Snowman Smoothie with Banana

A banana smoothie in a mason jar that has black buttons on the front and a red ribbon tied around the top to look like a scarf with a red and white striped paper straw

The Melted Snowman Smoothie is a great way to serve a traditional banana smoothie.  This smoothie recipe is thick and creamy.  It’s like a healthy vanilla milkshake. Melted Snowman Smoothie with Banana Here’s a fun way to serve a smoothie.  I call this my Melted Snowman Smoothie; I also call it my Vanilla Fake Shake.  It’s thick and creamy and … Read More

Snowman Breakfast Pizza

A breakfast pizza made with eggs, cheese and vegetables formed into the shape of a snowman fresh out of the oven.

A Snowman Breakfast Pizza is a whole lot of kid friendly food fun.  This recipe is a great breakfast recipe the whole family will enjoy.  It’s easy and delicious to make. Snowman Breakfast Pizza Looking for winter food fun in the kitchen?  Consider making a snowman breakfast pizza.  It’s easy and it’s fun for everyone.  There’s so much versatility in … Read More

Snicker Stuffed Cookie Recipe

A plate of peanut butter snicker stuffed baked cookies with a chocolate drizzle and holiday sprinkles on top of red, green and white

Snickers Stuffed Cookies are amazing!  These cookies are delicious and are perfect for cookie platters, the holiday cookie exchange or simply for a family share.  m Snicker Stuffed Cookie Recipe My friend turned me on to the Snicker Stuffed Cookie years ago.  I’ve made very little tweaks to this recipe; just a couple of minor ones.  It didn’t need much in … Read More

Italian Cookies

An Italian cookie in the shape of a cookie ball glazed with an almond sugar glazed and topped with holiday sprinkles of red, green and white on a plate to be served

These Italian Cookies are pure deliciousness.  These are easy cookies to make.  They are the perfect cookies to add to your holiday cookie exchange or cookie platter. Italian Cookies These Italian Cookies are pure nostalgia for me and this is NOT my own recipe, it’s been around for generations.  It’s a share from my cookie platter to yours.  When my … Read More

Reese’s Stuffed Cookies

Rows of Reese's filled chocolate cookies with peanut butter drizzle on top on a table

Reese’s stuffed cookie are absolutely delicious.  These cookies are easy to make.  They are the perfect addition to your cookie platters or holiday cookie exchange. Reese’s Stuffed Cookies These Reese’s stuffed cookies are our new family favorite.  They are absolutely amazing!  The soft chocolate cookie dough wrapped around a miniature Reese’s peanut butter cup candy baked to perfection and then … Read More

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Sheet pan chicken fajitas on a baking sheet cooked with sweet onions, red onions and red, green, yellow and orange bell peppers with grape tomatoes, cooked corn, shredded cheese, rice and avocados for serving

Sheet pan chicken fajitas are easy and delicious.  This chicken fajita recipe is a definite add to the menu planning.  It’s a delicious addition for your family meals.  Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Sheet pan chicken fajitas are absolutely delicious!  This chicken recipe can be served in a tortilla, but we often like to turn them into chicken fajita bowls.  It’s … Read More