Making Monster Pizza Memories in the Kitchen for Halloween

monster pizza making family fun

Ready for a little family fun at dinner?  It’s Monster pizza making time!  These pizzas are great for any family pizza night, but they’re even more awesome for an easy Halloween dinner. They are what I call total ‘yum fun’.   In addition, making monster pizza is a fantastic way to get the kids to eat more veggies. They will have … Read More

Baseball Pita Pizzas are Perfect for your Baseball Lover

Baseball Pita Pizzas are Perfect for your Baseball Lover

Baseball Pita Pizzas Do you have a baseball fan in your house? Check out these easy, but scrumptious baseball pita pizzas with a flavor twist you’ll love. This combo has become a family favorite and it’s great for entertaining.  Our new found love = sun-dried tomato pesto.  It gives our pizza a real artisan taste with absolute ease in the … Read More

Salad Creations the entire family will LOVE

kid friendly caterpillar salad

We are starting June with a Kid-Friendly, super easy to make, Caterpillar Salad that the kids can be in charge of making. Depending on the age, you can prep the supplies, show the kids the photo & let them create the salad for dinner or if they’re older, let them put the entire salad together themselves. At the Price Chopper … Read More

Dinner Made Easy with these Tacos that include a Healthy Surprise

Tacos with Healthy Fresh Ingredients

Looking to make dinner easy? Check out this fast & easy recipe for tacos. The recipe includes fresh vegetables in the mix that you can’t taste when it’s fully cooked. I’m launching Real Food Fast at the site & on so follow along, follow the directions below to freeze up some extras of the meat mixture & find out … Read More

Hard Boiled Grilled Egg & Cheese is on the Lunch Menu

Hard Boiled Grilled Egg & Cheese is on the Lunch Menu

Hard boiled eggs are a great staple to have on hand. They’re a healthy alternative, a quick grab & super easy to make. In my upcoming cookbook, The Chaotic Kitchen, you will learn how a fried egg sandwich can be an emergency fall back at my house! As a result, I have learned how to tweak it so that each … Read More

Olympic Fun in the Kitchen…

The Olympics are here and if you are like us, we love to watch the opening and closing ceremonies as well as follow along with certain events throughout the two-week game period.  When I was a younger I remember watching the Olympics and of course spending hours with friends pretending to be Olympic hopefuls.  I love watching my children as … Read More

Pizza Pockets Fresh out of the Oven for Valentines Day

Pizza Pockets

After all of our party fun at school that we’ve been sharing at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club, Lexie joined me at the counters to help make Valentine’s Pizza Pockets that are perfect for after school snacking, when friends come to visit or for a little festive dinner yum. They’re warm & a great little project the kids can … Read More

Turkey Enchiladas

It’s Dinner time!  And, I’m posting this recipe during a week that ground turkey is on sale (wahoo to a little savings).  I love this recipe for many reasons; 1.  You can make the meat ahead of time so that cooking a hot meal is a little quicker on a busy night. 2.  My kids don’t like tomatoes and spinach alone, but in … Read More