Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and Monsters

Halloween lunch ideas

Check out these Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and monsters for a Healthy Halloween.  These simple recipes are a twist of fun with healthy additions to holiday fun.  These bites make the lunchbox exiting and delicious. Halloween Lunchbox Ideas and Monsters Need Halloween lunch ideas? Looking for ideas to keep the lunchbox interesting and fun for Halloween (or all year long)? Check … Read More

Spider Pizza makes a Healthy Halloween Snack

Two pizzas decorated with tomato spiders

Grab the kids and get ready to build a veggie spider pizza on a whole grain pita for a healthy Halloween snack that’s fun, easy and delicious. What’s Spider Pizza good for?   It’s great for all ages, making memories, lunch bites, after school snacks, playdates, easy dinners, party food, Hallowed food fun, taking better bites and teaching life skills.  One … Read More

Making Monster Pizza for a Healthy Halloween

monster pizza making family fun

Making monster pizza is total family fun.  These pizzas are great for a Healthy Halloween or any family pizza night.  This pizza making activity is a great way to add vegetables to the plate. Making Monster Pizza for a Healthy Halloween Ready for a little family fun at dinner?  It’s Monster pizza making time!  These pizzas are great for any … Read More

Cinnamon Apples and Dip are a perfect Thanksgiving Snack

Cinnamon Apples and Dip arranged on a plate to resemble a turkey

I absolutely love cinnamon apples!  It’s the way I eat my apples; always.  I love the bite sized pieces and how the cinnamon helps to bring out the natural sweetness in the apple slices.  YUM, I am salivating for some right now.  Cinnamon apples are often one of my emergency travel foods to have when I go to events, run … Read More

Fruit Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe

Tie Dye Smoothie made with a banana smoothie base and mango, raspberry and blackberry purees to create a colorful tie dye effect of yellow, red and deep purple.

This Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe is perfect for summer fun!  It’s delicious and you can make the fruit puree ahead of time to make these all week long.  The whole family will love this recipe making yum. Fruit Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe Hi there!  Have you seen the tie dye Frappuccino® by Starbucks?  Well, this recipe is inspired by that … Read More

Fig and Goat Cheese Specialty Pizza

A personal pan pizza made with fig, honey goat cheese, spinach on a whole grain naan bread topped with balsamic glaze

Fig and Goat Cheese Specialty Pizza is  one  of  my  favorite  fallback  meals.  Personal  pizzas  are  a great  emergency  dinner  serve  that  the  whole  family  will  enjoy.   It’s  quick,   easy  and  delicious. Fig and Goat Cheese Specialty Pizza Need an emergency fallback recipe?  I do!  Personal pan pizza is not a novel idea by any means, but it’s definitely one … Read More

Salad Stuffed Cyclops are a Healthy Halloween Snack

Salad Stuffed Cyclops Halloween snacks #halloweensnacks #salad #cyclops

Looking for a Healthy Halloween Snack?  Or a way to get kids to eat more veggies?  Check out my Salad Stuffed Cyclops, they’re deviously delicious! Salad Stuffed Cyclops are a Healthy Halloween Snack Do you struggle with getting kids to eat their veggies?  If the answer is yes, struggle no longer!  I’ve got a salad stuffed cyclops recipe that makes … Read More

Goofy Gourd Craft Activity

A young girl holding a white tray with six gourds that have been turned into goofy gourd crafty characters with silly eyes, construction paper, yard, tissue paper, yarn and other items

This Goofy Gourd Craft Activity is super fun to make.  This project is perfect for fall family fun.  It’s all about making family memories together. Goofy Gourd Craft Activity Ready to have a little family fun?  Check out this Goofy Gourd Craft Activity.  The kids will love it; it’s the perfect family memory maker.   Follow these easy steps… Go for a … Read More

Get the Scoop with this Super Easy Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe

Pumpkin Ice Cream served in homemade edible phyllo dough bowls with caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled on top

  Pumpkin Ice Cream? Last week I admitted that I’m not a gravy girl and top my turkey with my homemade cranberry sauce (see here).  It’s a TRUE STORY!  Well, I have another Thanksgiving admission to make.  I don’t love traditional crusted pumpkin pie either; another true story. I do, however, love many pumpkin flavored recipes.  I have a growing … Read More

Easy Pasta Fagioli with Turkey Sausage

Pasta fagioli in a white bowl with shaved Parmesan cheese on top

Easy Pasta Fagioli with turkey sausage and fresh spinach is made with minimal ingredients, but delicious.  It’s easy to make for dinner and can even be made ahead and frozen.  This recipe is a twist on a traditional Pasta Fagioli. Easy Pasta Fagioli with Turkey Sausage This is not your traditional Pasta Fagioli soup!  However, its easy and it’s equally … Read More